AFL Kennards Thunder Juniors Rules - Under 11's & Under 12's

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    Purpose To provide children with a fun, safe and positive experience through a well-structured match program that considers the level of maturation in motor, cognitive, psychosocial and emotional skill of children in this age group. The consolidation of basic game-specific skills is still the focus at this age level rather than competition and winning, while further developing technical and tactical concepts. These concepts include position-specific and basic performance capacities – e.g. warm-up, cool-down, nutrition, hydration, recovery and goal-setting.
    Spirit of the Game To give all available players a game of football in which they have every opportunity to gain possession of the ball and kick or handball it.
    Playing Ground The size of the playing field should be no bigger than 100m x 80m.
    The Ball Synthetic size 3.
    The Team No more than 15-a-side with 5 forwards, 5 centres, 5 backs, or equal for both teams. Interchange may take place at any time. Rotate players every quarter to provide opportunities in several positions.
    Zones / Positions Coaches are expected to rotate players each quarter to provide opportunities in several positions. There will be no defined zones marked on the fields.
    Possession Rule Tackling permitted, strictly no sling tackles.
    Playing Time 4 x 12 minutes quarters, with no time on. 3 minutes for ¼ and ¾ time and 5 minutes for ½ time.
    Start of Play and Restarting After Goal When all players are in position, a ball-up is conducted between two centre players. For all ball ups the two contesting players cannot take ‘Full possession’ of the ball until it has been touched by another player or hit the ground.
    Out of Bounds A free kick is awarded against the player who last kicked the ball. If there is doubt, or if the ball came off hands or body, the umpire shall call a ball-up 5m in from the boundary. Full possession at the ball-up is not permitted.
    Contact and Tackling Full tackling rules as per the laws of Australian Football apply.
    Barging No barging or chopping past opponents is allowed. A free kick is awarded. Fending off, with an open hand to the body (not above the shoulders or in the back), is allowed.
    Sheparding A player can use his or her body or arm to block another player who does not have the ball but is within 5 meters away from the ball.
    Bouncing Only one bounce is permitted, after running a maximum of 15 meters.
    Marking Any player catching a ball directly from the kick of another player shall be awarded a mark, provided the ball has travelled at least 10 metres.
    Kicking off the Ground Not Permitted unless accidental.
    Distance Penalty A 25-meter advancement may be awarded to a player after a mark or a free kick if they have been hindered by an opposition player.
    Order off rule To be applied at the umpire’s discretion (or the controlling body where applicable). Bad language, poor sportsmanship and disputing umpiring decisions will not be tolerated.
    Coaches The Coach is not allowed on the ground but messages may be delivered by a runner.

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  • The Program


    Kennards Thunder Juniors is the pathway from NAB AFL Auskick to youth football. Children will get their first real taste of playing in a club environment with rules that are modified to maximise skill development, participation and most of all FUN!

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    Got a question about the Thunder Juniors? Check out our FAQs page for answers to commonly asked questions.

  • Girls


    The AFL Northern Territory School Holiday Program introduces both boys and girls who are turning 5 and turning no older than 12 in the year they register to the basic skills of Australian Football.